Overland Tibet to Nepal

The 1080 kilometer route linking Lhasa with the Kathmandu remains the most popular overland route in Tibet. The Friendship Highway follows the western portion of Chinese National Highway 318 for 965 kilometers via Yamdrok Lake, Gyantse, Shigatse, and Everest Base Camp before descending down to the Tibet-Nepal border. At the Nepal border, the Friendship Highway continues on the Araniko Highway for a further 115 kilometers to the Nepal capital of Kathmandu. Starting in Lhasa, this route goes through many of the most popular tourist spots that the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) has to offer.

Mt. Everest viewed from the Nepal-side Everest Base Camp

Mt. Everest viewed from the Tibet-side Everest Base Camp

Here is a recommended itinerary for the route connecting Lhasa with Kathmandu, though this route can be modified in any way:


8 thoughts on “Overland Tibet to Nepal

  1. mirco

    I want to ask if it is true that the friendship highway reopens between Kathmandu and Lhasa from for cargo traffic by 16 July 2015 and from 01.08.2015 is reopened to tourism

      1. aslam

        Hi Mr.Lobsang, Has the border open at Nepal between Tibet and Nepal highway?
        Can I travel between March and April 17. thank u Aslam

      2. Anil Basnet

        Dear Lobsang.. how tourist from china come to nepal via Kerung ? Tourist from which which provice of China can come to Nepal via land ? Which which proivce is connected with the road that comes to Kerung ? Please reply..

  2. Nick Fraser

    I am trying to take a horse from Mongolia to Nepal, crossing the Himalayas on the friendship HWY in early 2018. Is this the only way to cross or is there another way?

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